Juan luis perez was born on january, 1970 in havana, cuba. Immigrated to spain at the early age of seven, where he attended a catholic school and later settled in miami as his hometown shortly thereafter.

As a young adult in his late teens, early twenties, he spent much time in europe, places like spain, france, italy, as well as argentina, africa and brasil. These were some of the places that have influenced his aesthetic sensibilities over the years. With profound and defined roots in his native culture, his works carry a sense of his tropical and colorful inheritance, where he applies his skills with a touch of his tradition, beside a unique imagination and intense creative passion.

Juan luis perez’s work is admired and collected internationally. His talents have been deservingly recognized by his critics, colleagues and collectors worldwide. Giving up interior design after many years of enjoying custom space creation to be a full time artist. Self taught without former art formation or vocation, his creative style expressing the true meaning of an artist. His work is guaranteed to stimulate your reason for loving art.

If you ask him what motivates his themes, ideas or colors? He replies; “every day i wake up with fresh ideas, because i never stop thinking art. I see and feel art in every single object that surrounds my existence. My love for art guides me or torments me in all directions. My diversity allows me to express all that i am, feel, love or see. Some of my collections carry consistency, while other works jump into all parts of the visual arts, allowing me the freedom to bring you a more complex portfolio of passion, poetry and a bit of my eccentric side. If i think it and feel it, i create it. I follow no guidelines as art to me is free of choices, expressions and the rules don’t apply in that world. My personal quote is, technique is learned in school, art is born within.”


 Sin el proceso de investigación no existe el desarrollo. Y en búsqueda de una identidad, una vez adquirida se elimina la creatividad. Sin haber pasado por miles de procesos, técnicas y materiales es imposible llegar a decir nos encontramos. Por qué a travez del proceso de investigación influye los descubrimientos del accidente la cual te lleva a definir y simplificar el medio que más te brota de tu interior, sobrepasando técnicas más complejas que ya no te valen de un punto de vista artístico si no como medio de facilitar tu creación nata. Si llegamos muy rápido, perdemos campo de aquello que pudo haber sido pero nunca lo será. Por dicha razón, es importante intentar medios de comunicaciones visuales que te exigen explorar la forma más adecuada de expresar tu mensaje. Todas las obras intentan su mensaje, por eso no existe el arte errónea, pero el éxito de la obra es solamente la simple expresión de la personalidad del creador.